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Who We Are

Civic Leaders

We are proud Civic Leaders, dedicated to helping our small businesses, keeping our environment clean, and our neighborhood safe.

Lions Club

We are proud to be a part of the International Organization of Lions, through our sister organization, the Ozone Park, Howard Beach, Woodhaven Lions Club. We continuously strive to support our community and its needs.

Community Leaders

As Community Leaders, we are called to support our community through its struggles and
help our neighbors where they need it most.

What We Do

Community Support

As Civic Leaders, we stand up for our neighbors by bringing the attention of their concerns to our elected officials. We raise strong arguments with them, in order for them to understand and address the real concerns of the community, and not the concerns of political parties.

Senior Support

We believe in supporting the seniors of our community. Our organization specializing in senior support. We are dedicated to helping them with running errands, driving them to appointments, providing food, and much more.

Neighborhood Support

We are dedicated to supporting those in need of food, clothing, and shelter. We work alongside the community with supporting better homeless shelters, providing adequate food pantries, and addressing their concerns at our meetings. From our free Christmas Tree lighting Event for our community children, to serving Turkey Dinners on Thanksgiving to those in need, we are ready to help.

Meet our Sister Organization.

Ozone Park Howard Beach Woodhaven Lions Club

Our sister organization, the Ozone Park Howard Beach Woodhaven Lions Club, is a true part of our success as an organization.

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